Through this competition, PASTIFICIO SERVICE, S.L. (Sole Shareholder Company)(hereinafter, La Tagliatella ®), aims to reward users of its website,


Only contestants aged 18 years or older residing on Spanish national territory are eligible to participate in the Contest.

Participation in the Contest is free of charge. Internet connection costs shall be at the contestant's expense.


The Contest begins on 1/7/2014 and will end on 30/9/2020.


The contest consists in the monthly random award of iPads (one for each winner) to winners selected among those persons who have accepted the terms and conditions of the contest and have given their personal information.

Contestant may participate as often as they want.

The random distribution of prizes shall take place in the next calendar month.


The following information must be provided in order to be eligible to enter the Contest:

  • Full name.
  • DNI (National Identity Card).
  • Contact telephone.
  • Contact email address.


At the end of the contest period, all the contestants meeting the requirements laid down in these rules shall be given a numbered paper - corresponding to the order in which the participation of each contestant was accepted - as determined by a randomly selected jury consisting of persons belonging to La Tagliatella®.

At all times, there will be at least 2 backup contestants for any of the following cases:

§ The winner fails to comply with any or all the requirements set out in the contest rules.

§ The winner refuses the prize.

§ It is not possible to contact the winner.

Once the winners have been selected, the Company will get in touch with them (via e-mail or telephone) in order to advise them of the fact that they have won the contest and of the prize-giving terms and conditions.

The identity of entrants and winners shall be established exclusively by means of official documents ( DNI or national identity card, passport or other identity documents).

Participation in the Contest and the submission of the personal information required in order to enter the Contest are the sole responsibility of entrants.


Each winner will receive the following prize:

  • 1 iPad

Note: No prizes may be changed, modified or subject to compensation at the request of a winner, and the prizes may only be given within the territory of Spain. In the event that a winner has any kind of difficulty relating to the use and/or handling of the iPad he has been awarded, said winner shall hold La Tagliatella® harmless for any claim in this regard, and shall contact the manufacturer of said item for any type of claim.

La Tagliatella® reserves the right to change the nature of the prize if it is not possible - for reasons beyond its control - to give the prize that has been specified in the contest rules.

Under no circumstance will prizes be exchanged for their cash value.

Prizes are subject to the current legislation relating to the I.R.P.F. (personal income tax).


No one under legal age may enter the contest. The staff of Tagliatella® and their direct family members are not eligible to enter the contest.


The Contest may be advertised through the tickets issued by approved La Tagliatella® establishments, as well as through official web pages. Furthermore, the winners will be published on the La Tagliatella® website which will be referred from the corporate social media profiles.


La Tagliatella® reserves the right to disqualify with a cause any entrant who defrauds, alters or disables the proper operation of this contest in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof or who is suspect of any such action on the basis of convincing evidence. La Tagliatella® intends that all entrants should participate in the contest on an equal basis and in strict compliance with the principles of good faith.

Therefore, any misuse or fraudulent use of these rules shall result in the disqualification of the entrant in question.


La Tagliatella®, its suppliers, sub-contractors, collaborators, agents or distributors are hereby released and indemnified from all responsibility for physical or other damage that may befall entrants to the contest through any action or omission not attributable to La Tagliatella®, its suppliers, sub-contractors, collaborators, agents or distributors for the duration of the contest and within the limits established by the applicable legislation

In no event shall La Tagliatella® be responsible for - by way of illustration rather than limitation - Internet connection failures, both with regard to the access of entrants to different pages and other communications via the Internet, the temporary unavailability or lack of continued operation of the web pages used to participate in the contest, or the illicit use, misuse and fraudulent use of the contest by entrants.


By participating in the contest, entrants agree and undertake to La Tagliatella® that they will not use, disseminate, distribute, publish, export, operate, reproduce or copy all or part of the contents and design of this Contest. The contents of the Contest are the sole and exclusive property of La Tagliatella® and/or any other company directly or indirectly related to it and/or, where appropriate, of third parties - entities or individuals - protected by the current laws on intellectual property. Therefore, contestants may not use, disseminate, distribute, publish, export, operate, reproduce or copy all or part of the contents of this Contest (including the figurative mark, word mark, legend, phrases, etc...) without prior written and express consent of La Tagliatella® and/or any other company directly or indirectly related to it. La Tagliatella® and companies directly or indirectly related reserve the right to request the immediate withdrawal under the responsibility of the entrant of any link or content in connection with this Contest and/or any other material or communication medium that has been used, disseminated, distributed, published, exported, operated, reproduced or copied in breach of the provisions of these rules, and La Tagliatella® and/or any other company directly or indirectly related to it reserve the right to claim appropriate compensation for any damages arising from the foregoing, without prejudice to any other legal action that may be initiated in order to achieve these aims.


Entrants will assign, for all Spanish territories, for 5 years, any and all intellectual property rights as may correspond to them in relation to contents made available to La Tagliatella®, and they represent and warrant that they are the authors and owners of the contents, and that said contents are original, and they further guarantee La Tagliatella® the peaceful exercise of the rights granted.

By accepting these contest rules, any person entering this Contest who meets the requirements provided in these rules automatically authorizes La Tagliatella® to disseminate his identity and image in the different corporate media of the company and is not entitled to payment or compensation of any kind for this reason; La Tagliatella® has no responsibility for the images reproduced in said photographs.


Any entrant who tampers with the participation procedures and/or uses the rules of the contest included in this document in a fraudulent or abusive manner, or breaches said rules, will be disqualified and will not be entitled to any prize.

La Tagliatella® also reserves the right to verify by such means as it deems appropriate that winners meet all the requirements provided in this document.


Tagliatella® reserves the right to make changes - including the early cancellation or suspension of the contest - and/or add successive annexes to these rules for technical, operational, commercial or participative reasons, such changes and/or annexes being made public, in any case, on


For the purposes of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the protection of personal data, and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR"), La Tagliatella® advises entrants that any personal data they provide in order to participate in this Contest will be entered into the computerized files owned by La Tagliatella®, and such data will be processed in order to be used in operational or management activities relating to the Contest as well as in any advertising, promotional or marketing activity connected with the Contest and with the services and products of the owner of the contest. The operational and marketing services of La Tagliatella® shall be the recipients of the information contained in such files.

Entrants expressly agree that the data thus collected may be transferred to companies belonging to the AmRest Group for the purposes referred to in the preceding paragraph.

La Tagliatella®, with registered address at Polígono Camí dels Frares, Calle E, Parcela 47, Lleida, Spain, as company responsible for the files, guarantees the entrants' right to access, rectify, cancel and contest any data provided, and any specific written request in this regard shall be sent to the Customer Services Department via email (at the address, or by means of a written communication addressed to the Delegate of Data Protection, La Tagliatella, Calle Enrique Granados, 6, Edificio B, Nivel 1, Of. 6, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Spain.

Likewise, La Tagliatella® undertakes to use the data contained in the files respecting their confidential nature and in accordance with the purposes for which the files were created.

The above mentioned requests will include the following information:

  • Full name and DNI;
  • Contest entered;
  • The right referred to in the request and content of the request;
  • Telephone number in relation to which the interested person wishes to exercise his right.


In case of divergence between the entrants and La Tagliatella® on the construction of these Rules, the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid will have jurisdiction with regard to any dispute, and the entrants expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply.


For any question on the organization of the Contest and the management or disposal of the data requested from contestants, please contact:


The Rules of the Contest are available on


By participating in the contest, the entrants accept the terms and conditions thereof as described in these rules, and expressly accept the interpretative decisions made by The Tagliatella ® on the Contest.